DISCLAIMER : this project is really old (2002). It was made a time when the msn messenger client on windows was really basic, missing functionalities like animated and custom smileys. At the same time linux client where rare and buggy, for example smileys were not working t all and non-ascii characters where missing. I keep this webpage and this project merely for remembering me of my youth. Don't expect this to be a fully working client, the gtk part was made at a time when there was no doc, and everything was coded by looking at the source code of the library :)

gtkmsn 0.1

What is gtkmsn ?

gtkmsn is a msn protocol based client (alla Win*ows Mes*enger). Based upon gtk+-2.0 it provides all basic functionnality, plus a lot of goodies, like custom definitions of smiley (see screenshots)

The BETA has been released so go fetch it and run : ./configure & make & make install

Download (current downloadable version : 0.1 BETA pre1)

Beta Screenshots

Alpha Screenshots

Animated And Custom Smileys

The Custom Smiley Editor Window

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

The Main Window

Chat Window

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